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o▓space expert, received the award. As one of the three major ▓experts involved with the Chinese Lunar Exploration Pr▓ogram, Sun Jiadong personally

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experienced, participated in,▓ witnessed and directed the development of the Chin▓ese aerospace program from the beginning until now. ▓His legenda

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ry life is closely associated with many firsts in Chinese aerospace history.Born in 1929 in Fuxian, Liaoing Province, Sun Jiadong, who is a CP

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  • and mos▓t importantly, it has supported science and technological development all a
  • long. China and Germany have teamed up to promote science and technology. The openin
  • g ceremony▓ of the "Sino-Germany Science Education Year" was held in Berlin on Mond
  • ay. China's Science and Technology Mini▓ster Wan Gang, vice Education Minster Chen Xi

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C membe▓r, is an expert in carrier rocket and satellite technology. ▓He is also member of both the China Academy of Science and▓ the International Academy of Astronautics. At the a▓ge of 18, he enrolled in the Harbin Institute of Technology to start preparatory courses in Russian, and later transferred to the automotive department. As the newly-established China began to se

t up an air force, Sun Jiadon▓g, who was both of good character and strong academic performance, was chosen to join the army as a Russian t▓ranslator, which the army was in dire need of at that time.In 1951, Sun Jiadong, together with 29 ot

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her soldiers, was sent to study aircraft engines at Zhukovsky Air▓ Forc

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e Academy. At the academy there was a tradition: th▓e pictures of students who scored a 5 on all their examinations w

ould be hanged on the gate of the school. If the student could maintain such excellence, the picture would be rais

ed, and the higher you went, the fewer students there were and the larger the picture got. If a p▓icture wa

s still hanging there on graduation, then th▓e student would be awarded a gold medal with a portrait

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of Stalin on it. In 1958, Sun Jiadong brought one of these precious gold medals to China

.In 1967, the central government decided to set up the China Academy of Space T▓echnology, the president

of which was Qian Xunsen. Sun Jiadong was appointed by Qian Xunsen to restructure the staff▓ for satellite resear

ch, and Sun was already the vice direct▓or of the general satellite design department at the China Academy of Space

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▓research proje cts, establish laboratories and carr y out acad emic exchang es.Schavan said that G ermany regards China as a promin ent partner in the fields of science and research. Germa ny looks forward to closer communica tions with C h▓inese universit ies. He said the year- long event is a new  engine of the bilateral coop eration. The two sid 临邑县5G 仙居县wap 齐河县5G 宜兴市wap 响水县wap 广安市wap 东兴市wap 邛崃市wap 兴化市wap 五常市5G 天台县wap 阜城县5G 永和县wap 菏泽市wap 紫金县wap 布拖县wap 阿巴嘎旗太仆寺旗wap 长丰县5G 固镇县wap 内黄县wap 变态传奇私服页游网站 传奇私服gm版本库 传奇私服充值脚本 传奇私服战士带地丁 新开打金传奇私服 传奇私服手机版排行 盛大传奇私服网站 今日新开传奇私服网通线路 好玩的手机传奇私服 新开传奇私服1.76毁灭